Tuesday, May 16, 2017

masterpiece academy day 1 / period 6

Many thanks to Jorge for the actors' workshop!

Jorge started out by taking us all out of our comfort zone (Confession: I don't actually have a comfort zone. But it sure looked like others had fun stepping over the edge!) and getting us actively involved.

Jorge made many good points.  And he was such a good speaker that I forgot to take notes all the way through.  So here are some highlights:
  • Table reading and working with a script
  • Delivery
  • Connecting with a character
  • Relationships in the industry
Below this paragraph you can see Jorge's Prezi. But really, you shoulda been there.  His enthusiasm and passion for his topic, combined with his extensive knowledge, was beyond informative and inspiring.  The dude gave a performance of a lifetime, and I have the feeling that someday we'll be watching him on a screen saying things like, "I knew that dude back when..."

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