Tuesday, May 16, 2017

masterpiece academy day 1/ period 5

 Thanks David for the brilliant presentation on digital art! 

  • I love art-- especially digital art
  • Got my inspiration from Van Gogh and Monet
  • I just wanted to draw a picture
  • As the video progresses I went from a sky and flowers to something different-- I didn't like what I did in the beginning, and I'm never satisfied with the end 
  • Anyone can do this if they're motivated
  • Haircuts are art. Engineering is art. Everything is art and everyone is an artist.
  • I decided to make this short because I didn't want my talking to be the focus, I wanted my art to speak for itself
  • My art is different from yours
  • Art doesn't define you, it's what you create that defines you
  • My hope is this (here David points to the finished work on the screen)
  • (Video used screen o matic)
Here's the video:

And just when we thought it couldn't get any better, Alexis gave a presentation on how to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.   He talked about nutrition, exercise, and a healthy mental outlook-- here's the PowerPoint:

Alexis on Healthy Lifestyle by dpreston1441 on Scribd

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