Tuesday, May 16, 2017

masterpiece academy day 1 / period 3

Thanks for a great kick-off!

Satchel set the tone by presenting ways we can improve the American system of education.  He started with a team exercise in which members had to help each other solve a riddle (The horse's name was Friday!).

Based on his research, his suggestions included:
  • Teachers should get out of students' way
  • Students should focus on skills -- like teamwork and collaboration -- that will help them later in life
  • Numbers and grades don't help students get better
  • Teachers and mentors should evaluate students with portfolios
  • Team members should evaluate each other based on strengths and weaknesses
  • Update learner-centered models-- Satchel went to Montessori and he sees way we can apply those methods in the Information Age 
  • Learning environments shouldn't suck; decades-old "portables" and fluorescent lights don't inspire
Satchel received some valuable feedback from the audience, most especially that they were persuaded by his thoughts and they believed he will make school better for future learners!

After Satchel got us started, Etzell gave a presentation on success.  She talked about being responsible, disciplined, and motivated.

  • (I missed the first and second steps, can someone please add those in a comment?)
  • Third step: be creative, be imaginative, be yourself!
  • Video: get over negative self-talk ("I don't know how to do that" or "I don't have that" or "I'm not like those successful people") and DON'T STOP


  1. First step: be committed , second step: don't have negative thoughts .