Tuesday, August 9, 2016

this classroom sucks

When I arrived at the classroom where I'll be teaching this year I was excited. New students, new campus, great to roll my sleeves back up and get my learning on.

Not even the [insert adjective here] painting on wall outside the door threw me.


The thing is, I like choice. I like making a place my own. Even if it's a musty trailer on someone else's lawn. But instead of an empty room, a blank canvas waiting for me to paint, this is what I found when I unlocked the door and walked in:

None of this crap is mine. I don't want it. Now I have to fill out forms and talk to nine different people just to throw it away.

So, dear friends, our first job is to hack our learning environment.  I'd like to know in what kinds of places you learn best, and I'd like to know what you'd like to see in here.  Sure, I could bring in my old posters or make this look like my old room (we had a graffiti wall and about 300 mounted CD jewel cases) but my idea of cool or creative may not look like yours.

We will start this conversation in class tomorrow, and then-- unless you want to use that stack of crappy old textbooks-- we will post our ideas online and start designing for learning.

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  1. I prefer to do it without the textbook it would be more interesting that way